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The insights
you need 

Finding your ideal audience can be tough—just 1 in 7 marketing professionals feel confident they’re talking to the right people. That’s why we remove the guesswork.

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Get more information with every interaction

We build unique tracking technologies into every feature, so you can find out what your most engaged users are interested in. 

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What model are
they interested in?

What features do they  spend time with?

Are they ready
to buy?

Beyond just clicks and impressions


You’ll get access to all the data you need to learn how your audience likes  to engage with your brand.

Unique engagements
Breakdown by device 
Breakdown by platform
Social shares
Time spent
Video views by quartile
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Fresher, fuller, more accurate data—at no extra cost


The valuable first-party data you’ll collect will help your team fill in the blanks, so you can build more complete audience profiles to enhance your database and increase your ROI.

Available in real-time for smarter, faster decisions


All of these insights are available through our Engagement Management Platform, which means you can start tracking KPIs and scoring audience interest as soon as your campaign launches.

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Rule out unengaged users for good

Our platform will help you rank consumer interest in specific products, features, or content based on their interactions with your Contobox ad units, website visits, and past purchases, so you can stop wasting your ad spend on unengaged users.

Use what you’ve learned

Once you’ve identified your most engaged users and what they’re interested in, we’ll help you take advantage of these insights to build hyper-relevant retargeting strategies and maximize your media spend.

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Smart marketing starts with knowing your audience.

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