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Drive your campaign in the right direction


Purchasing a car is a big financial investment, and there’s a lot to consider: model, features, pricing, where to make the purchase. For many auto marketers, it can be a challenge to highlight every make, model, and feature while answering the biggest question consumers are asking—whether or not the vehicle fits their lifestyle. That’s where Contobox comes in.

We make it easy for every auto marketer to meet their objectives

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Give users a better look at your vehicles


When 360-degree exterior views are paired with the opportunity to zoom in on specific features, users can explore every inch of your vehicles.

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Find out what drivers really want  


Users can select the colors, tires and rims that appeal to them most, and because we track every user interaction, you’ll get detailed insight into their favorite features. 

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Help users compare vehicles and pricing


Pair informational hotspots with a lease calculator to arm drivers with all the information they need to walk into the nearest dealership and make a purchase.

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Drive qualified leads in the right direction 


Retarget engaged drivers with optimized creative based on interest. Include real-time offers, a dealer-locator, or the opportunity to book a test-drive to help increase conversions.

Some of our most popular features were built with auto brands in mind


We build hundreds of auto campaigns each year, and collect data on every one of them, so we know what it takes for brands like yours to achieve record-breaking ROAS. Integrate one of these tried-and-tested features into your ads, browse the 30-plus options available in our platform’s marketplace, or work with the Contobox team to develop something completely custom. 

Book a test drive
Lease calculator
Interior view
Monthly offers
Tire and rim selector 
Model benefits
Dealer locator

Every interaction provides insight into the customer journey


All of our features are built with unique tracking technologies to give you a better picture of your audience, what they’re interested in, and where they are in the purchase cycle. You can leverage these insights to retarget users with relevant ads that reflect every stage of their journey.

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That’s why major auto brands come to us when they need results

Toyota turned their display into a showroom


If you’re an auto marketer struggling to devise a campaign plan that highlights all of your latest models and features, take a cue from Toyota. They used our platform to build expandable display loaded with interactive features to mimic a showroom, adding a dynamic dealer locator and “request a quote” form to gain more leads.

The display ads allowed them to collect valuable first-party data on their most engaged users, like what models, features, and colors they were most interested in. Toyota then utilized our platform’s machine learning and algorithmic segmentation to act on those insights, building lookalike audiences and dynamically retargeting the most engaged users with optimized creative. The campaign delivered an award-winning performance, surpassing key industry benchmarks and increasing overall purchase intent.



Increase in purchase intent.


Higher purchase intent than Neilsen’s auto intent average.


Higher than Neilsen’s auto intent 90th percentile.


Higher conversion rate than industry benchmarks.

Jaguar put their audience in the driver’s seat


Jaguar wanted to generate awareness around their latest models and encourage more consumers to schedule test drives. They knew their target demo of male professionals was spending an increasing amount of time online, so they used the Contobox platform to make a splash with a first-to-market interactive video built into their expandable display ads, targeting desktop and tablet devices across sites that over-indexed with tech enthusiasts. 

They created an immersive experience for their audience by adding interaction points throughout the video, allowing users to control the narrative as they experimented with different tests in Jaguar’s lab. They also incorporated informational hotspots to call-out new features and Social Waller, which allowed users to share the unique experience directly to their social feeds.


32 seconds

Average time spent in unit. 


Higher CTR than the industry average.


Higher engagement rate than industry average.


Engaged users that scheduled test drives.

Our platform caters to every industry


Our flexible ad formats, interactive features, deep consumer insights, and advanced retargeting benefit brands in auto, CPG, travel, finance, and more:

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The world’s biggest retailers can make products easier to browse, test, and buy online or in stores.

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Everyday brands can develop richer, more relevant ad experiences to help them stand out from the crowd.

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Travel and tourism brands can create engaging ad experiences that live on in their audience’s memory. 

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Financial institutions can engage their audience in ways that show the true value of their products and services.


Become the next success story.

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