A two-way conversation that builds trust

Build a chatbot into your display and video ads to engage your audience in a two-way conversation, so you can capture their attention and find out what matters to them most. 

Here's how our Chatbot works:

  • Chatbot unobtrusively inquires what the user is interested in, offering a selection of answers.

  • User selects an answer.

  • Relevant content and calls-to-action are served to user based on the selection.

We’ll help you build a decision tree that guides your audience down the right path.

Users will get a seamless experience on any device

You’ll see big benefits

Better engagement and stronger ROI with relevant, personalized offers. 

More time spent with your brand to educate consumers and build trust. 

Unique insights that make it easier to move users down the purchase funnel.

RBC Insurance is the perfect example


RBC Insurance utilized our platform to build a chatbot into their digital display campaign, which engaged users in two-way conversations about travel, life, health and auto insurance to help educate them about RBC’s offerings, and give the brand unique insights into their audience’s needs. 

RBC used these insights to segment and retarget users with personalized creative, effectively driving them in the right direction: 75 percent of users who engaged with the chatbot clicked through to RBC’s site to learn more.

Don’t build another boring ad.


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