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Turn lean-back TV into a lean-in experience

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Turn any video ad into hundreds of personalized interactive connected TV spots and bridge the gap between household and individual data. 

A new interactive format for a
new golden era 

Connected TV is crucial for marketers looking to maximize reach and build their brand among their total addressable market with CTV households expected to grow to 82 percent by 2023*.

*3 eMarketer Connected TV Households 2019

The Power of the Personalized Video Engine

Contobox VPE delivers on the promise of dynamic video at scale. Allowing brands to use 1st and 3rd party data to personalize video ad creative elements. Go from 1 creative to 100 at the speed and scale of programmatic ad buying. 

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Advanced decisioning, simple planning

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Decision Tree Tool

Our decision planning tools make it simple to create any type of campaign. Use our Decision Rule Builder for complex unpredictable paths or our Decision Tree Tool to map out an entire dynamic flow.

Actionable TV Ads

Use unique QR codes to drive audiences to mobile microsites for more info

Make your ads shoppable on these microsites, our API can link to your e-Commerce or preferred retailer

Drive in-store traffic with mobile coupon downloads and rewards cards.

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Get your free guide

In our latest eBook, we break down the rise of QR code and how it’s reshaping the advertiser-audience relationship. With its growth in the last year, marketers are banking on its real world application and mobile adoption.

Combine multiple data sources to create hyper-relevant experiences

See it in Action

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You'll see big benefits

Better engagement and stronger ROI with relevant, personalized offers. 

More time spent with your brand to educate consumers and build trust. 

Unique insights that make it easier to move users down the purchase funnel.

Don’t build another boring ad.

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