Drive every decision with data  


Every organization aims to be “data-driven,” but many struggle to collect the data they need, or to forge the cultures and systems that enable them to use it. Sound familiar? We’ll give you access to fresh, first-party engagement data that’s easy to understand and integrate into existing structures, so you can make the most informed business decisions possible.

Discover a world beyond impressions and clicks

A lot can happen between an impression and a click, especially when you develop interactive creative that gives your audience near-unlimited ways to engage. The swipes, the scrolls—even the pauses allow us to collect unique data on user interest and intent that reveal never-before-seen insights.

More interactions equal more insights 


By tracking every micro-interaction, from every user, we’re able to uncover unprecedented amounts of privacy-safe data points, which inform format designs, segmentation strategies, campaign optimization, and more. Our ad units collect an average 10-times more data than standard ads. 

We measure everything

Here’s a small sampling of what your team will get access to:

Unique engagements
Breakdown by device 
Breakdown by platform
Social shares
Time spent
Video views by quartile

Collect even more data from your website


You can add our unique tracking technology into your brand’s website, collecting even more engagement data once a customer clicks through. Our platform will identify the same user across multiple sessions, then use machine learning to intelligently parse the contextual data from the website and ad units, mapping it against specific products, services and categories to reveal a fuller picture of each user’s behaviors, and deeper insight into their interests.

Every data point
you collect is clean, structured and actionable

We automatically create a data taxonomy based on campaigns, categories, user profiles, and custom segments, which can be sent directly to your DMP. It’s clean, structured, and easy to digest, so you can take advantage of every data point you collect.

And there’s more than one way to use it

Enrich your data sets with fuller audience profiles


The engagement data collected from your Contobox ad units and website can be sent to your DMP, so you can merge it with your current data sets to enhance your database with fuller, more accurate audience profiles that you can take advantage of within our platform, or outside of it.

Optimize your existing Contobox campaign


Our platform utilizes machine learning to score user interest in specific products, features, or pricing based on information collected from your Contobox campaign, and other online and offline sources, so you can retarget your most engaged users with optimized creative built for conversion. 

Export to leading DSPs and ad platforms 


All of the engagement data you collect is unrestricted, free, and yours to keep. Export it to leading DSPs and advertising platforms (like Google Adwords, Standard Display, and top social platforms) in real-time, so you can use it to fuel any campaign, anywhere you choose.

Make better, data-driven decisions.


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