Connect every touchpoint 


Now more than ever, people expect brands to provide a personalized experience. That means taking every interaction along the customer journey into account and building creative that reflects that. Sound hard? Not when you partner with Contobox. We combine powerful automation with real, in-house experts to show the right user the right ad, depending on where they are along the customer journey.

Ad formats that unlock deep insights


Our interactive display and video formats collect rich first-party data based on every user interaction, unlocking important secrets behind buyer intent. You can leverage these behavioural signals every step of the way to create more relevant retargeting strategies, instead of annoying your audience with the same, irrelevant ads.

Track the entire online journey


Add our unique tracking technologies into your brand’s website to collect more detailed online engagement data, which our platform will tie to in-ad engagements, so the customer journey doesn't get lost once users click-through to learn more or buy a product. 

Combine data sources to get the full picture


The engagement data collected from your ad units and website is cross-referenced with other online and offline data connected to our platform (DMP, CRM, or product data), then merged into a unified user profile. You’ll get a more detailed picture of your audience—including their interest in specific products, features, and prices—as soon as the information is collected.

Create ad sequences that unfold like stories


When you have a full picture of your customers, and where they are on their path-to-purchase, you can create a sequence of ad experiences that unfold alongside each customer’s journey in the days and weeks to follow. Here’s what it looks like:


A consumer is shown a lifestyle unit designed for inspiration.


The user engages with the unit, browsing through the various tabs and informational hotspot.


User is shown a second ad unit, designed to collect more information about interest and intent.


The user delves deeper into a specific product, reviewing the tab’s information and switching between product angles.


Users is shown simple, interactive creative, optimized based on the data collected from the previous unit and designed for conversion.


User clicks through to brand website.


Makes a purchase and becomes a customer.

Expectations are higher than ever


Today’s customers are impatient. They expect seamless interactions. They also expect you to know who they are and what they’re interested in. 

Experience is just as important as product


A good customer experience makes it easier for your brand to stand out, and seeing repetitive or irrelevant ads are never a good experience. 

More tailored experiences equal more conversions


Creating ads that reflect individual customer journeys can increase conversions at every stage of the funnel.

Irrelevant ads can hurt your brand


Bombarding users with repetition doesn’t just cause ad fatigue, it can also give them a negative impression of your brand.

Every path is unique.
Create ads that reflect that.


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