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The next generation of programmatic

Programmatic ad buying is a powerful way to reach targeted audiences at scale. Thanks to dramatic advances over the past decade, engaging creative, reach, and efficiency don’t have to be mutually exclusive—at least not if you partner with Contobox.

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Programmatic offers
big benefits—but good creative still reigns


Programmatic now accounts for the majority of digital ad buying, and when you consider the benefits—real-time measurement, better targeting, greater reach—it’s no wonder. But no matter how effective your data collection and targeting strategies are, relying on static ads won’t cut it.

Creative still contributes to over half of brand sales lift.*

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So why is the internet full of so many boring ads? 


Interactive display and video campaigns can be daunting, expensive, and difficult to run programmatically.

We're changing that.

Interactive creative before Contobox


  • Expensive to produce

  • Long turnaround times

  • Hard to execute programmatically

  • Difficult to make changes mid-flight

  • Limited access to metrics

  • Limited data collection

Interactive creative after Contobox


  • Automated processes 

  • Fast production times

  • Easy to pivot

  • Runs programmatically 

  • Everything is tracked and measured

  • Collects first-party data 

Contobox is redefining what’s possible for advertisers


Clients that once struggled to get the simplest static creative out the door are now launching engaging, interactive campaigns in a week or less—and you can too.

“This is our new world—a world that removes a lot of complexity. It allows us to build better creative with much better audience targeting.”

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing 
Major Canadian Hardware Retailer 

Bring your creative to the next level


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Our expandable and non-expandable display provides ultimate freedom, impact and scale.


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Our in-stream and out-stream video will give your audience a unique, lean-in experience.

Automated processes that reduce production costs

Our platform provides support at every step of the campaign process, with a simple interface that streamlines creative development and workflows, so you can say goodbye to long email chains and phone calls. That means fewer technologies, fewer people, and fewer production costs to get your campaign out the door.

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Faster turnaround times


Our reusable code base ensures faster production times. You can launch new campaigns in as little as a week, so nothing needs to be changed mid-flight. Refreshing the products featured in your creative is even easier—simply provide our team with a list of SKUs and the platform will manage the rest.

More insights about more users 


One of the biggest benefits of programmatic advertising is the real-time data you can take advantage of to optimize your campaigns, and we track and measure everything at Contobox. You’ll get access to impressions, clicks, and every user interaction in between. The best part? It’s yours to keep.

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The flexibility to fully optimize 


Our platform’s single-tag execution and dynamic creative capabilities make it easy to change directions. We’ll help you segment your most engaged users based on interest, intent, and demographics, then serve them with optimized creative that takes every scroll, swipe, click, and pause into account.

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The scale you’d expect from standard ads


All of our creative can be run programmatically, including expandable display. Our EasyTag technology will automatically identify whether or not a site is equipped for expansion and dynamically serve the appropriate creative, so you can run high-impact, interactive ads in as many places as possible, without forfeiting the reach you would get with standard ads.

Anywhere on the open web


Run our display and video ads on any DSP or exchange, including Google Marketing Platform. Take advantage of our self-service model, which allows you to run your own tags for a fee, or get full support from the Contobox team. 

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Start building better

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