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Stand out from the crowd

CPG brands face a few key challenges when developing their marketing strategies, like how to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace, where tens of thousands of new products are launched each year, and how to create ongoing demand for that product. Tried-and-true tactics like limited editions, special packaging, and prime shelf space are still valuable, but the marketers that augment these tactics with engaging digital experiences are the ones that won’t just stand out, but leave a lasting impression on their audience, and we’ve helped countless brands do just that.

We make it easy for every CPG brand to meet their objectives

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Create a lasting impression on your audience 


Elevate your ad experience with interactive features like games, gift guides, recipe generators, or quizzes to stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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Leverage endorsements from current buyers


User-generated content can boost credibility and build trust in your products, which is why you can integrate social feeds directly into ad units, or give users an easy way to share your content on theirs.

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Drive more conversions online


Take advantage of our add-to-cart feature through third-party sites like Amazon and Walmart, so users can fill their shopping carts directly from your brand’s display and video ads.

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Encourage people to pick your product in stores


Build store locators,  product samples, coupons, or special offers that can be saved directly to people’s mobile wallets to drive them in stores and increase purchase intent for your products.

Some of our most popular features were built with CPG brands in mind


We build hundreds of CPG campaigns each year, and help brands collect data on each one, so we know what it takes for brands like yours to achieve record-breaking ROAS. Integrate one of these tried-and-tested features into your ads, browse the 30-plus options available in our platform’s marketplace, or work with the Contobox team to develop something completely custom.

Store Locator
Virtual Wallet Shoppable
Product Sample

Every interaction provides insight into the customer journey


All of our features are built with unique tracking technologies to give you a better picture of your audience, what they’re interested in, and where they are in the purchase cycle. You can leverage these insights to retarget users with relevant ads that reflect every stage of their journey.

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That’s why major auto brands come to us when they need results

Nespresso reached their audience in the right context


Nespresso might be one of the world’s most recognizable coffee brands, but not in Quebec. In a crowded marketplace where most coffee drinkers are already loyal to a specific brand, they needed to find a way to differentiate themselves if they were going to increase their presence in the province.

With Contobox, Nespresso developed a mobile campaign that targeted consumers where they spend the first moments of their morning: major lifestyle, weather, news, sports, and entertainment sites and apps The mobile interstitials included a custom call-to-action in a slide-to-answer format, so users could “unlock” the promotional message the same way they unlock their phone screens. The second iteration of the campaign included a “scale and reveal,” which invited users to rate the importance of their morning coffee on a scale from one to 10. The closer to 10, the more they could see a promotional message. Both ad units revealed a coupon for Nespresso machines.



Average time spent in the display ad unit.


Average time spent in the video ad unit.


CTR based on users who engaged with the Chatbot.


Increase in time on site compared to average visitor.

Trojan gave users a playful way to discover their product


Trojan’s research revealed that established couples are willing to try new products to spice up their sex life. With this in mind, Trojan developed a unique digital campaign for their new lubricant aimed at women ages 25 to 49 in relationships.  

To show this crowd how Trojan Lubricants’ Chain Reaction can break boundaries and lead to a more passionate experience, they partnered with Contobox to create a campaign that did the same. 

They built enticing expandable display ads that invited users to interact with a draw-to-reveal feature, which offered a more playful way to discover their product. The ads also included interactive hotspots, so users could explore the product’s features, and an article hub full of steamy tips to get the most out of their time with their partner. Trojan leveraged Contobox’s CPE model to ensure they were only paying for engaged users, and the campaign results followed suit.



Higher engagement rate than rich media standard.


Higher CTR over standard display benchmarks.


More website traffic than previous campaigns.

Our platform caters to every industry


Our flexible ad formats, interactive features, deep consumer insights, and advanced retargeting benefit brands in auto, CPG, travel, finance, and more:

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Auto marketers can drive their audience in the right direction, no matter which stage of the customer journey they’re in.

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The world’s biggest retailers can make products easier to browse, test, and buy online or in stores.

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Travel and tourism brands can create engaging ad experiences that live on in their audience’s memory. 

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Financial institutions can engage their audience in ways that show the true value of their products and services.


Become the next success story.

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