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Creative boundaries, redefined

Think beyond the confines of standard display. We offer multiple formats and content integrations, so you have the freedom to tell your story your way. 

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Connect with consumers on any device

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In the format that fits

your strategy

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Get maximum impact and scale 


Our EasyTag technology automatically identifies whether or not a site is equipped for expansion and dynamically serves the appropriate expandable or non-expandable creative based on environment, so you can serve the best experience with the biggest scale.

Let your imagination 
run wild

We’ll work with your team to find cool, interactive features that help you capture audience interest and meet campaign objectives.

Recipe Selector
Store Locator
360 View
Article Hubs
and more...

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Learn how to develop campaigns that leave a lasting impression on your audience


This ebook outlines 4 key 'moments' to help develop creative campaigns that engage audiences, and increase your return on ad spend.

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You’ll love what you can do with Contobox Display—and your audience will too. 

Always user 

No matter which device your audience is using, our ad units are always user-initiated, so they feel in control of their experience and can engage with your brand on their own terms.

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A personalized 


Dynamic creative capabilities, including content previews and calls-to-action based on data and API triggers, will make your audience feel like you’re talking directly to them—and give them just what they’re looking for.

More ways to 


Whether it’s scrolling through products, changing colours, or hovering over hotspots for more information, your audience will love the opportunity to engage in a way that interests them. 

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Seamless and 
intuitive designs


Our intuitive designs allow users to transition seamlessly through the ads’ interactive features, making it easy for them to spend more time with your brand.

Create ads you know they’ll love.

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