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Right person. Right moment. Right message. 

Automate your creative updates based on demographics, context, location, or user interest to create a more personal ad experience for your audience. 


Here’s how our Dynamic Creative works:

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When a user lands on a webpage the ad server calls up all applicable data sources (audience data, contextual data and external APIs) and instantly assembles a personalized ad.

Advanced decisioning, simple planning

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Decision Tree Tool

Our decision planning tools make it simple to create any type of campaign. Use our Decision Rule Builder for complex unpredictable paths or our Decision Tree Tool to map out an entire dynamic flow.

Combine multiple data sources to create hyper-relevant experiences

Know what your customers want before they do


Today’s consumer is bombarded with options, but our platform’s machine learning can help you create ads that show users exactly what they need—sometimes before they even know it.

Users will get a seamless experience on any device

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You’ll see big benefits

More meaningful experiences that lead to stronger message recall.

Better engagement and stronger ROI with relevant, personalized offers. 

The freedom to personalize ads based on any data source.

Toyota is the perfect example


Toyota partnered with us to put their showroom inside a display unit, which was loaded with interactive elements to help them determine what models, features, and colours consumers were interested in. 


When they used this first-party data to create lookalike audiences and dynamically retarget their most engaged users with personalized creative, they saw big results—surpassing industry benchmarks in engagement, time-spent, click-throughs, interactions, and overall conversion rate.


The feature-rich creative also helped us take home an OMMA award in the Programmatic Creative category with partner Saatchi for their work on the campaign.

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Don’t build another boring ad.

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