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Find tools to help your team kick-off new campaigns, collaborate on creative, track performance, gather insights, and develop strategies to maximize your media spend. All in one, easy-to-use platform. 


Everything you need in one place


Our platform’s simple, unified tools will get you in market quicker and easier.

Easy-to-understand reporting will help you unlock insights

You’ll get access to a user-friendly reporting dashboard with simple data visualizations that highlight campaign successes, so you can build on what’s working. These insights are available as soon as you launch, so you can track campaign performance in real-time.  

See how your campaign is performing at a glance

Get a high-level overview of key campaign metrics, like impressions, unique engagements, interactions, click-throughs, and average time spent across any platform or ad format, based on any time-frame you choose. 

Go deeper to pinpoint exactly what’s working

—and what’s not


Apply one of more than 20 filters to drill down further, see more detailed reports, and export raw data broken down by the domains your campaign is running across, specific ad formats, IOs, and which areas are most engaging. 

Develop segments of your most engaged users 

Score audience interest in specific products and features, then develop segments, validated with third-party data, based on who’s most engaged with your creative according to age, demographic, gender, interests, and more.

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Use those insights to build new relationships 


Your most engaged users are even more valuable when you use them to develop lookalike models, and our platform will help you find people who fit the same profile, so you can take the guesswork out of growing your audience.

Want a closer look?

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