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A simple model for success

Consumers have different needs at different stages along their paths to purchase, and you can cater to them all within a single campaign. 

See results at every stage

Our flexible ad formats and interactive features make it easy to diversify your marketing efforts and deliver on different objectives, no matter where your audience is in the purchase cycle.

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Build awareness

Need to grow your business with a new stream of prospects? We offer high-impact ad formats like expandable display and video, outfitted with interactive features, to help capture consumers’ attention and educate them about your brand.


With so many options, it’s easy to accomplish your goals:

Video Carousel

Display one or more of your brand’s videos to create lasting awareness.

360º Video

Give users an immersive and inspiring interactive experience.

Image Gallery

Show users a selection of your latest products and offerings.


Create a branded game that keeps users engaged with your brand longer.


Build anticipation and urgency for your next event. 

Video Composer

Interactive video elements let users take control and spend more time with your brand.


Exploit the curiosity gap by offering users a challenging or inspiring quiz.

and more...

Ask a Contobox sales rep about all the possible upper-funnel features. 

Let’s find the ideal combination to captivate your audience.

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Increase consideration

In the middle of the funnel, you need to focus on growing the interest of consumers already aware of your brand. This is easy with interactive ad units that allow your audience to delve further into specific products, especially when you integrate features like chatbots to create dialogue with consumers, so you can learn more about their interests—and they can learn more about you. 


Give your audience the chance to go deeper:

Article Hub

Drive consideration with product reviews and articles.


Aggregate user-generated
content from Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to build trust.

Product Carousel 

Show users the depth of your offering.


Provide product features and benefits with interactive image or video annotations.


Guide users to the right product choice with an in-ad chatbot.


Let users calculate budgets, leases, financial benefits, BMI and more.

Color Picker

Let users customize your product by selecting the colour they like best. 

and more...

Ask a Contobox sales rep about all the possible mid-funnel features. 

We’ll help you build creative that grows consumer interest. 

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Drive conversions


The bottom is the final (and arguably most important) stage of the purchase funnel, where you need to convince all of those qualified leads to convert. You can turn prospects into customers with simple, interactive display featuring items targeted to engaged users’ interests, large calls-to-action, and the right features. 

These interactive elements make it easy for users to convert:

Shoppable Video

Shorten the path to purchase by letting users shop directly from your video.

Add to Cart

Users can add items directly to their cart from the ad unit.

Wish List

Users can choose their favorite products to share on social or make a shopping list.

Form Fill

Collect data and let users receive offers, request information or book appointments.

Store Locator

Help users find your closest store based on their current location.

Virtual Wallet

Users can download coupons directly to their wallet app to redeem in store.

Click to Call

Let users book appointments or get answers to questions directly from the unit.

and more...

Ask a Contobox sales rep about all the possible lower-funnel features.

We can help you turn more prospects into customers. 


Fuel your funnel with data


Today’s complex customer journeys can make it hard to reach the right people at the right time with the right creative. That’s where data comes in. We’ll help you develop interactive assets built with tracking technologies that ensure you’re gathering the audience information you need at every stage. The key is knowing how to use it—and we can help with that, too. 

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Move users in the right direction.

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