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The internet is full of boring ads

With Contobox, you can build and deliver  campaigns that capture your audience’s attention and gather unique first-party data at scale.

We’ll help you: 

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Create engaging campaigns that drive performance 


Take advantage of our flexible ad formats, interactive features, and in-depth data to create full-funnel campaigns that engage your audience anywhere in the purchase cycle. 

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Understand your audience and collect first party data


Enhance your existing database with consumer insights that go beyond impressions and clicks, so you have a fuller picture of who you’re talking to and can develop strategies to suit them.

Retarget the right people with dynamic creative 


Use our in-depth data and audience scoring to retarget your audience with a more personalized ad experience, or find new, high-value audiences based on your most engaged users.

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Here’s how it works:

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 Audience data is collected and analyzed with every user interaction.


These insights are used to 
build lookalike models and dynamically retarget engaged users.


We build interactive ad units that can be run programmatically across the open web.

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Our all-in-one platform makes it easy


Get end-to-end campaign support, from strategy to final reporting, with our Engagement Management Platform.


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Our expandable and non-expandable display provides ultimate freedom, impact and scale.


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Our in-stream and out-stream video will give your audience a unique, lean-in experience.

Choose the format that fits your strategy  

Start creating ads your audience loves.

“Contobox has been a key partner in driving digital results for BMW/MINI for a number of years.” 


Senior Vice-President, Digital Media Systems
Media Experts

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