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Audience engagement and attribution: How to find value in your engagement advertising

More and more companies are making audience engagement a priority. Why the shift? Because research keeps linking engagement with better performance, particularly in advertising. But many marketers are looking to prove the ROI of their audience engagement and that’s where attribution comes in.

Attribution is a lot like grading individual members working on a group project at school. Yes, they all worked on the project, but certain individuals likely worked more to get that project done and handed in. Deciding who gets how much credit is attribution.

Until fairly recently models have been pretty simple (such as last-touch) and have favoured lower funnel activities while disregarding the impact of upper/mid funnel tactics such as audience engagement. But that’s all changing and we have a new ebook to get you up to speed.

Our ebook will introduce you to audience engagement and attribution. We’ve divided it into three parts. Part 1 deals with audience engagement, what it is and why it matters, part 2 covers attribution, and part 3 brings it all together with some real-life examples.

By the end of the book you should have a better idea how to:

  • Use the Engage-Learn-Activate framework to create better audience engagement campaigns

  • Decide which metrics are important to you

  • Understand the different types of attribution models

  • Choose a model that is right for your business and understand how to use it to optimize your audience engagement campaigns



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