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Canadian Tire's Mastercraft - Case Study

Master Every Fix

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For more than 75 years, Canadian Tire’s Mastercraft Tools have been making products Canadian’s can rely on for all their DIY projects. However, a recent Nielsen Digital Brand Effect Study (DBE) showed that there was room to grow for Canada’s top selling tool brand.

Advertising's biggest challenge is understanding whether or not someone's paid attention to your message. 90% of marketers believe attention metrics will soon augment legacy metrics (Source: The Attention Council). These metrics provide insight into what happens between impression and click to determine what creative, targeting, or media is driving attention. A retail campaign meta-analysis revealed brand awareness and consideration lifted between 21–30% when optimized towards attention over viewability, with up to 4 times higher brand recall (Source: The Attention Council). Canadian Tire Mastercraft’s goals were to increase affinity and reverse negative quality perception with a consideration campaign, targeting high attention media and audiences.


Nielsen DBE offers real-time brand metrics, but these do not provide domain level data for domains receiving less than 2MM impressions. This is an obstacle for programmatic campaigns running across thousands of sites with smaller impression totals.

To overcome this, the campaign used the Contobox platform’s attention and engagement metrics to optimize towards high attention media and targeting. While Nielsen DBE ensured the focus on attention was correlating with favorability outcomes and reducing negative sentiment.

A new model, using over 12 metrics, was created to measure and optimize towards attention data - dividing the journey of the ad creative into 4 interconnected phases:

  • Exposure (e.g. Time In-View, Interest Conversion Rate)

  • Interest (e.g. Dwell Rate, Engagement Conversion Rate)

  • Engagement (e.g. Engagement Time, Interactions)

  • Action (e.g. Add-to-cart Rate, Clicks to Site)

Multivariate A/B testing between lifestyle and product photography provided on-the-fly optimizations towards the best performing creative.


Mapping attention metrics such as dwell rate and time in-view to these phases allowed for better optimization of the campaign towards desired brand outcomes over clickthrough rate. In particular, using these metrics proved to be very impactful at increasing brand favorability and decreasing negative brand sentiment positioning Canadian Tire’s Mastercraft as a category leader.

The campaign drove an engagement rate 13% higher than previous campaigns, increasing their engaged clickthrough rate by 147%. Leading to a 33% decrease in negative brand sentiment when compared to the control group. The campaign beat Nielsen’s brand favorability benchmark by 50% and improved over the previous campaign by 150%. The Lifestyle Creatives performed even better at 93% higher than the Nielsen benchmark. Mastercraft showed that activating on attention is a strategy that brands need to add to their toolbox.

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