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Consumers checking out Shoppable Ads 133% more during Covid-19

Recent research reveals consumers are more receptive to interactive ad formats

(New York, N.Y.) May 26, 2020 - Consumers across Canada and the U.S. are engaging with digital advertising more than ever, and are especially receptive to formats like Shoppable Ads, according to recent research by interactive ad platform, Contobox.

When Contoboxcompared campaign data over six-week periods before and after the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, they saw a 162% increase in user interactions, with up to 5X more interactions per user and a 170% increase in click-through rate based on those engagements.

When they zeroed-in on campaigns using Shoppable Ads, which allow users to browse and add items to their shopping cart in-ad, they saw equally promising results: a 53% increase in user interactions, and a 133% increase in check-out rates. They also found a noticeable increase in engagement across CPG campaigns, with a 348% increase in user interaction rates after the pandemic was declared.

“We’re seeing more consumers purchase online, and for items they’d never considered before, which presents a unique opportunity for brands and retailers to attract new customers and grow revenue,” says Christine Carey, GM & SVP, US Sales, Contobox™. “The key will be having the systems and technology in place to understand these consumers’ needs and reach them faster than their competitors. Contobox’s True Intent retargeting, Shoppable Ads and Shoppable Connected TV ads are the powerful solutions advertisers need to achieve this in an increasingly crowded marketplace.”

Contobox recently made its True Intent retargeting technology available after months of success in beta with current partners. Advertisers use True Intent to score, rank, and retarget high-value audiences based on site user data from those advertisers’ websites. Advertisers can now pair this technology with the platform’s Shoppable Ads, so they can reach qualified audiences with the most relevant items possible.

For more insights on changing consumer habits and how advertisers can respond, download a copy of Contobox’s latest whitepaper: Marketing in the time of coronavirus: How advertisers can respond to shifting consumer habits


About Contobox

Contobox is a leader in creative ad technologies. The Contobox interactive ad platform allows advertisers to create, launch, and serve interactive display and video ads that engage people with high-impact features like galleries, games, 360° video, and more. Engagement ads generate data from the countless interactions users have with these features. Brands can use the platform’s real-time reporting tools to use this data and learn more about their audience, then activate on it by creating segments for better retargeting and lookalike audiences. Visit to learn more.

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