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Contobox™ Makes OMMA Award Shortlist For Programmatic Creative

Contobox™ proves that audiences engage with programmatic creative

Contobox has been shortlisted as a top 2 finalist for the international OMMA awards’ programmatic creative and interactive creative categories for their work with Saatchi and Toyota’s RAV4 brand.

The Contobox and Saatchi team developed a feature-rich campaign to engage consumers online using expandable display that created real-time 1st party data on prospective in-market consumers. They used this data to gauge a prospect’s interest in particular nameplates then programmatically retargeted them with optimized creative to move them through the funnel.  

Contobox has also been shortlisted as a top 3 finalist in the rich media campaign and chatbot categories for their work with RBC Insurance and Initiative.

The RBC Insurance campaign launched three category first-to-markets, first bringing an insurance assistant chatbot to life via expandable and non-expandable digital display. The chatbot was supported by 2 category first-to-markets utilizing Contobox’s EasyTag technology to programmatically deliver interactive creative regardless of a publisher’s expandable inventory. A programmatic data transfer pathway; the 3rd first-to-market, which delivered real-time consumer insights from Adobe to RBC Insurance’s Google DBM tech stack.  

“Programmatic creative doesn’t just have to be about using data to select the most appealing colour,” says Petar Bozinovski, President, Contobox. “It can in fact be used to engage consumers at scale and gain much more useful insights from them for brands to provide meaningful personalized messaging.”

The Contobox team received their 5th OMMA nomination for their work with FGL Sports’ Sport Chek Brand, Canada’s largest sports retailer. The campaign brought to life a shopping assistant chatbot made available through expandable display and out-stream video.

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Contobox - The Ultimate Engagement Platform is an award-winning interactive advertising platform that connects brands with people and delivers consumer insights. Contobox cross-platform Display and Video formats deliver unprecedented engagement, time spent and brand lift, while helping brands gather actionable insights about their target audience.

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