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Contobox, A PopReach Portfolio Company, Partners with Wivboost to Deploy E-Commerce Tech to LATAM

Contobox to enter the Latin American market amid rapid mobile E-Commerce growth

TORONTO, ONTARIO – August 16, 2022 – PopReach Corporation ("PopReach” or the "Company") (TSXV: POPR, OTCQX: POPRF) is pleased to announce that Crucial Interactive Holdings Inc. ("Contobox"), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, has partnered with Wivboost S. de RL. De C.V (“Wivboost”), to deploy Contobox’s award winning E-Commerce technologies to the Latin American market (“LATAM”).

LATAM has developed into one of the fastest growing mobile e-commerce markets in the world. According to eMarketer, in 2022, “more than half (51.1%) of online retail sales in LATAM will take place for the first time on mobile devices…equivalent to US$75.65 billion. A growth of more than 55.5% expected, equivalent to US$106.25 billion”. The partnership between Contobox and Wivboost will provide Latin American marketers access to Contobox’s award-winning Customer Data Platform, Shoppable Ad Technology, and Personalization powered by consumers’ True Intent™.

Contobox’s True Intent™ provides performance-driven personalization and customer journey marketing powered by brands’ engagement data. Fueling this personalization is Contobox’s 2021 Digiday Technology Award-winning Customer Data Platform, allowing brands regardless of industry to track, score, and target their audiences based on their propensity to buy. Contobox’s 2021 OMMA Programmatic Creative award-winning Shoppable Ads help shorten the path to purchase with shoppable ad formats across any digital screen.

“It’s such an exciting time to be building the future of advertising with our partners,” said Christine Carey, SVP Sales, Contobox. “It’s even more exciting to partner with incredible teams to expand our collective capabilities, and the Wivboost team is bar none, a leader in the Latin American ad market.”

“We feel that this alliance will become a great asset for our clients, opening new doors of opportunities for every one of them, ” affirmed Gabriel Vallari, Co-CEO and founder at Wivboost. “We strive to always offer the best technologies and new solutions in a market that is booming with possibilities: Contobox is the right partner to keep on doing so,” added Alex Saade, Co-CEO and also founder of Wivboost.

About Contobox

Contobox is a leader in E-commerce technology. Brands use the Contobox platform to reach shoppers with convenient, personalized recommendations and messaging that drives sales, across any format or device. Contobox delivers performance with engagement based shopper intelligence, predictive product recommendation, and data driven enhanced creative.

About Wivboost

We are young, but were born fully experienced. Created from the synergy and talent of two visionaries, we inherited their backgrounds in marketing, mass media and digital platforms: Our founding members, Gabriel Vallari and Alejandro Saade, were there in the forefront of the leading companies that birthed local modern marketing, and have been central in bridging the gap between traditional and digital, in diverse fronts.

As an agency, we are careful in finding the best professionals out there, in order to gather talent that is passionate about our client’s growth, by sharing their successes and working shoulder to shoulder when it comes to facing all kinds of challenges.

We offer a boutique service with a 360° scope that provides every brand with the ability to close the best deals in media investment, always finely tailored for each objective, campaign and territory: We have the solution both for market leaders and new brands alike, and that capability to adapt and craft the best solutions for each case is the common factor in our accelerated development through the years.

We love to boost brands. We are Wivboost.

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