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Contobox Video extends interactive creative offering into video ecosystem

New Tool Brings Interactivity to Standard Pre-roll and Out-stream Video Assets; Now Available Through Videology and StackAdapt Platforms  

Award-winning Contobox, by Crucial Interactive, is bolstering its in-stream and out-stream video offering with the launch of Contobox Video. The offering, which allows advertisers to add an interactive layer to their video creative, will be available to customers of TV and video advertising platform, Videology, and Toronto-based content distribution platform, StackAdapt.

Built with Contobox’s vision of a more engaging user experience across the web, Contobox Video allows Advertisers to enhance their videos with high impact features such as video hotspots, 360° video, shoppable video and choose your own adventure-style narratives. Additionally, by adding interactive creative such as product galleries or wishlists, advertisers can better understand how users are engaging with their product and their message, allowing them to build actionable insights about their audience.

Advertisers can now dynamically alter creative for both the Contobox Display and Contobox Video formats. While Contobox’s StoryTell feature lets advertisers use cross-device retargeting to deliver sequential advertising across both video and display in the same campaign.

“With digital ad spends now outpacing TV, it’s time clients get access to the tools needed to truly take advantage of how consumers are spending their time,” Petar Bozinovski, President, Contobox. “Contobox Video is offering clients unparalleled ways to engage their audiences with a high touch format that historically hasn’t provided the necessary analytics to do so.”

“In today’s fragmented media world, it’s essential that brands take every possible step to create a truly engaging user experience,” said Bryan Segal, Managing Director, Videology Canada. “Using Contobox, advertisers can add an interactive layer to their video advertising, which promotes user engagement. Consumers benefit from a more relevant and engaging experience, and advertisers benefit from the ability to learn how consumers are interacting with their creative. We fully support Crucial Interactive’s efforts in building out these innovative solutions for interactivity in video advertising.” 

“As a technology company focused on the distribution of brand messaging, we are limited in how much we can help our clients develop content. This partnership with Contobox addresses just that – being able to create engaging and interactive content tied into some of the largest distribution pipelines on the web,” Vitaly Pecherskiy, Co-founder and COO.

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