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Exclusive New Ad Format From Contobox™ Shortens Path To Purchase

New Interactive Shoppable Ad Units Allow Consumers to Add to Cart From Any Publisher, Giving Brands Unique Insights Into Consumer Buying Behaviour​

Contobox™, an interactive advertising platform, announces a new exclusive shoppable ad format that allows consumers to add items directly to their shopping cart from their mobile, desktop and tablet devices. As shoppable ads grow in popularity with retailers on major social platforms, brands and publishers find themselves, having to pay to access their own targeting data. Contobox™ Shoppable ad units help shorten the path to purchase while giving brands a unique look at consumer shopping behaviour that can be utilized for building more personalized campaigns.

“Consumer shopping and intent data are incredibly powerful signals for brands to leverage and we’re incredibly excited to help both brand and publisher side advance their understanding of their consumer base in this way.” Christine Carey, GM & SVP, US Sales, Contobox said.

A recent study from McKinsey & Company indicate 82% of US shoppers reported spending money online and used their smartphones to make purchasing decisions. The report also indicates 83% of customers want their shopping experience to be personalized with research suggesting customization can increase store revenues by 20-30%. Prominent retailers including Best Buy, Home Depot, Costco, Ikea, Gap, and Indigo are now seeing over 50% mobile-only visitors shop their brands. And while more and more consumers are moving towards shopping on mobile devices, average dollars spent via desktop had a 22% increase year-over-year in dollars per buyer, suggesting desktop is still a trusted platform for transactions. Today’s consumers demand relevant and personalized digital content and Contobox™ saw the opportunity to create ad technology that is simple, quick and provides instant gratification for an enhanced online shopping experience.

“Our exclusive new ad unit is the perfect tool for online retailers to reduce their customers' path to purchase and provide valuable insights on consumer shopping habits,” said Andrew Bester, Director of Enterprise Sales and Business Development, Contobox. “Advertisers are now able to leverage real-time data to create value for consumers and use their retargeting ad dollars more efficiently to reach engaged audiences.”

Contobox™ ad units utilize high-engagement display and video features that keep audiences interacting with brands, including chatbots, dynamic creative, custom games, and more. The platform has earned numerous global awards including Best Programmatic Creative for the Toyota RAV4 campaign and top award in the Chatbot Category for RBC Insurance at last year’s OMMA (Online Marketing Media and Advertising) Awards. 

To learn how Contobox™ shoppable units can boost your brand’s digital display and video campaigns, please contact:

US and International



Contact: Rogers Media Sales, the exclusive representative of Contobox for Canadian ad agencies. 

Contobox™ and Rogers Media announced an exclusive partnership with the launch of R.E.D. Contobox™. The partnership draws on the strength of Rogers Enabled Data (R.E.D.) audience insights and Contobox’s award-winning engagement platform to deliver best-in-class ad solutions for clients. R.E.D. Contobox™ is represented exclusively to Canadian ad agencies as part of Rogers Media Sales’ R.E.D. first-party data solutions. 

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About Contobox™

Contobox™ is a leader in creative ad technologies. Their interactive ad platform creates and serves interactive video and display ads that engage people with high impact features (like chatbots, 360º video, games and more). Engagement ads generate data from the countless interactions people have with these features. Brands can use the platform’s real-time reporting tools to learn about their product and audience from this data and activate on it by creating segments for better retargeting and lookalike audiences. Visit

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