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Goodbye Flash: A Children's Book

(Toronto, ON) September 10, 2015 – With Adobe Flash's dominance in the advertising industry finally coming to an end, Crucial Interactive created a goodbye ebook with award-winning comedian Steve Patrick Adams.

“People have been calling for Flash to die for years. It has security issues, high latency and power consumption plus it crashes all the time. HTML5 has progressed to become a far superior solution.” said Petar Bozinovski, President, Crucial Interactive. “We wanted to do something fun that would remind the industry of the good and bad times but also makes it a little easier to move on. Goodbye Flash.”

Adobe Flash has had a turbulent year. A series of critical security flaws leaked publicly. This led to Mozilla Firefox temporarily disabling the software and Facebook security chief, Alex Stamos, calling for an end date.

September 1st 2015 Google Chrome rolled out an update that pauses non-essential Flash elements. This move essentially ended Flash’s relationship with advertising since Chrome considers display Flash ads to be non-essential. 

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