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Goodbye Flash… Again: How Is This Still A Thing?

We’ve been talking about getting rid of Flash for years. Unfortunately, that’s all we seemed to be doing. Then at the beginning of [2015] things began to happen.Peter Bozinovski, President at Contobox

Back in September 2015, with the IAB, we released an illustrated farewell to Flash to give it a proper send off. Unfortunately stories of Flash’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Many marketers and ad tech vendors are still using the technology today.

One publisher told DigiDay that they are seeing anywhere from 50-55% of their video ad impressions from Flash ads. With the IAB’s July 2017 deadline for the complete migration from Flash video ads to HTML5 just around the corner we decided it was a good time to repost Goodbye Flash. Enjoy.


Long ago the internet was populated with crude, text based websites, Comic Sans and crappy low resolution images.

Then along came some adorable, beautiful animated ads. They had little trouble getting the attention of internet users everywhere.

These easy-on-the-eyes advertisements were Flash-based back when Flash wasn’t a dirty word. Things have changed over the years.

Today people actively avoid it.

And by people, we’re talking about big internet players like Mozilla, Facebook and Google.

How did something we loved so much become so burdensome?

The most plausible explanation is that Flash is a closed-off format controlled by Adobe.

In matters of the internet, open source seems to be the best way to create greater innovation. Steve Jobs thought so back in 2010, and many more feel the same way today.

Flash is now a constant reminder that we’re still living in an age where software doesn’t have to work most of the time. It’s time to say goodbye to Flash and here’s why:


Despite what your Great Aunt might say, internet on mobile is not just some hip new trend for communists.

More and more, people are checking the internet on their phones. It’s a great way to avoid acknowledging the existence of the person in front of you, friend or foe.

Mobile is a great place to be advertising. Sadly most Flash based ads aren’t supported on mobile.