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Multicultural Digital Strategy just got more engaging with Contobox

CONTOBOX takes the Lead in Multicultural Digital Solutions.

Contobox, an award-winning digital media and technology company, has hired multicultural media expert, Felix Perez as VP of Multicultural Solutions.

Felix, joins Contobox™ with 30 years of experience working for media giants such as: Univision, ESPN, and Salem Media Group, to name a few. Felix will lead the team’s multicultural strategy, offering brands and advertisers innovative solutions to deliver on all brand metrics.

“From a marketing perspective, we know that the Multicultural audience is driving the growth of many brands, as Super Consumers, multiculturals represent 50% of a brand’s sales growth in America,” says Christine Carey, GM, SVP Sales, Contobox. “Our technology enables brands to connect with their consumers in an authentic way, Contobox’s proprietary features allow brands to gain unique and actionable insights into how these Super Consumers are engaging with their content.”

“The targeting of Multiculturals has evolved from a niche opportunity to a must include,” says Felix Perez, VP of Multicultural Solutions. “The Contobox team understands the intricacies of great creative, engagement data for brands and how Multiculturals are the trendsetters and influencers for the entire market.”

Contobox’s proprietary social functionalities, Hashtagger™ and Social Waller™, allow brands to leverage the power of their consumers’ social influence in order to connect with the multicultural audience in an authentic way.

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