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New Interactive Ad Feature From Contobox™ Helps Brands To Tie Online Ad Exposure To In-Store Traffic

Virtual Wallet Allows Consumers to Save Special In-Ad Offers Directly to Their Mobile Wallets

Interactive ad platform Contobox™ recently released Virtual Wallet, an exclusive feature that allows users to save promos, coupons, and passes promoted in digital display and video ads directly to Google Pay or Apple Wallet, closing the gap between online ad exposure and in-store foot traffic. Once the offer is added to the user’s wallet, brands can target them with location and time-based push notifications to drive in-store conversions. The feature also helps brands collect valuable data on consumers’ online-to-offline shopping habits, which they can use to retarget engaged users, or build loyalty strategies around those who’ve already converted.

“Consumers interact with brands in many ways before making a purchase, and more often than not, it’s through a mix of online and offline touchpoints,” says Christine Carey, GM & SVP, US Sales, Contobox™. “We’re excited to offer a solution that connects those touchpoints in a way that provides value for consumers and brands alike.”

Brick-and-mortar stores are still part of the preferred path to purchase for 61% of millennials, according to a recent report by eMarketer, but digital is playing an increasingly important role for shoppers, no matter where the final purchase takes place. More than half of consumers start product research online and it often continues in store: A survey from HRC Retail Advisory found that nearly 60% of US smartphone shoppers use their devices in store to compare costs or search for deals or coupons. With Contobox’s Virtual Wallet, users can bypass annoying app download and registration processes to easily take advantage of online offers in store.

“Everyone knows it’s cheaper to keep existing customers than find new ones, and Virtual Wallet allows brands to target consumers with relevant offers that are easy to redeem, turning one-time buyers into repeat customers” says Petar Bozinovski, President, Contobox™.

Virtual Wallet comes hot on the heels of Contobox’s recently released Shoppable ad units, which integrate an add-to-cart functionality to shorten consumers’ paths to purchase and help brands gain unique insights into online shopping behaviour. Whether it’s helping grow online sales, drive in-store foot traffic, or gather valuable data to inform future strategies, Contobox™ is committed to finding innovative ways to solve the unique challenges facing every brand.

To learn how Contobox’s Virtual Wallet can support your brand’s digital display and video campaigns, please contact:

US and International:

Canada: Rogers Media Sales, the exclusive representative of Contobox for Canadian ad agencies.

Contobox™ and Rogers Media announced an exclusive partnership with the launch of R.E.D. Contobox™. The partnership draws on the strength of Rogers Enabled Data (R.E.D.) audience insights and Contobox’s award-winning engagement platform to deliver best-in-class ad solutions for clients.

R.E.D. Contobox™ is represented exclusively to Canadian ad agencies as part of Rogers Media Sales’ R.E.D. first-party data solutions.

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About Contobox™

Contobox™ is a leader in creative ad technologies. Their ad platform creates and serves interactive video and display ads that engage people with high-impact features, like chatbots, 360º video, games and more. Engagement ads generate data from the countless interactions people have with these features. Brands can use the platform’s real-time reporting tools to learn about their product and audience from this data and activate on it by creating segments for better retargeting and lookalike audiences. Visit

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