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Pinterest ad products get personalized messaging upgrade with Contobox partnership

Contobox’s True Intent technology to power Predictive and Recommended Pinterest ‘Pin Extensions’

(New York, NY) January 6, 2022 - Contobox is proud to announce a new partnership with Pinterest to power their Pin Extensions ad products.

Contobox’s True Intent combines a unique suite of technologies for an all-in-one solution that helps brands deliver personalized experiences to their Pinterest audience.

The partnership will see Pinterest providing brand partners’ audiences an enriched pinner experience that ranks and scores user interest level in specific products, brands, and categories. When a Pinterest user clicks on a Pin, they are delivered to a personalized experience with recommendations tailored to their historical engagement and purchase habits.

“We’re very excited to work with the Pinterest team,” Farrukh Gaffarov, CEO, Contobox. “Partnerships like this one have become so valuable for advertisers looking to leverage incredible communities while creating seamless personalized experiences.”

Advertisers from beauty to fashion, finance, food and drink, parenting, travel, home improvement and beyond can personalize people's experiences by ranking and scoring user interest level in specific products, brands and categories.


About Contobox

Contobox™ is a leader in eCommerce technology. Brands use the Contobox platform to reach shoppers with convenient, personalized recommendations and messaging that drives sales, across any format or device. Contobox delivers performance with engagement based shopper intelligence, predictive product recommendation, and data driven enhanced creative.

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