A data-enabled engagement platform that connects brands with people to deliver actionable insights for marketers.

R.E.D. Contobox combines the strength of Rogers Enabled Data (R.E.D.) with Contobox’s award-winning engagement platform to offer Canadian clients a best-in-class marketing solution. Marketers get access to Contobox’s all-in-one platform, where they can develop interactive display and video campaigns, infused with thousands of data points from Rogers Media properties, to deliver hyper-relevant digital ad experiences at scale.

End-to-end campaign support


R.E.D. Contobox clients get access to Contobox’s Engagement Management Platform, which allows them to:

  • Plan and develop interactive digital campaigns to be run across the open web.

  • Utilize Contobox’s EasyTag technology for maximum programmatic scale.

  • Measure every user interaction and capture unique engagement data.

  • Segment engaged users based on interests and demographics.

  • Dynamically retarget users with personalized creative across the open web.

Enriched audience insights 


Clients can enhance their digital campaigns with richer, more detailed audience insights based on data collected from Rogers Media properties, including:​

  • Rogers cable 

  • Rogers and Fido mobile 

  • Rogers digital properties

  • Rogers magazine subscribers

  • Rogers CRM data

More targeted audience segments 


Rogers aggregated insights from all of their available data sources to develop new, targeted audience segments, available through R.E.D. Insight Reports.​

Verified age

IAB ranges

R.E.D. segment overlap 


Verified gender

Male vs female

Wireless Customer Insights



Province and city

Cable Customer Insights


More personalized, relevant campaigns


This safe, anonymous data can be combined with real-time engagement data collected from Contobox campaigns to build more precise retargeting pools and lookalike audiences. Clients can use the Contobox platform’s dynamic creative capabilities to leverage these enhanced data sets and programmatically deliver the most relevant creative to each user, resulting in more engaging digital campaigns and better ROAS. 

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