Open your doors to more customers 


Consumers have more choices than ever—so how do you get them shopping in your stores? Give them a better experience than your competitor. Contobox helps retailers build digital campaigns that reach their audiences, no matter which stage of the purchase cycle they’re in, with a more seamless and convenient shopping experience.

We make it easy for every retailer to meet their objectives

Showcase multiple products at once


Build galleries, carousels, or digital flyers directly into your ads to give users a seamless shopping experience that allows them to browse multiple products without ever leaving the page.

Refresh inventory and pricing 


Integrate your eCommerce API into our platform for real-time insight into product inventory to continually update creative with new offers based on business objectives and user preferences.

Drive online conversions


Remove friction from the buying process with an “add-to-cart” functionality that gives users the chance to add items to their online shopping cart directly from your ad.

Get more people shopping in stores


Store locators, downloadable coupons, and special offers that can be saved directly to users’ mobile wallets help increase purchase intent and drive more foot-traffic in stores.

Some of our most popular features were built with retailers in mind


We build hundreds of retail campaigns each year, and help brands collect data on each one, so we know what it takes for retailers to achieve record-breaking ROAS. Integrate one of these tried-and-tested features into your ads, browse the 30-plus options available in our platform’s Marketplace, or work with the Contobox team to develop something completely custom. 

Digital FSI
Shoppable Ads
Store Locator
Virtual Wallet

Every interaction provides insight into the customer journey


All of our features are built with unique tracking technologies to give you a better picture of your audience, what they’re interested in, and where they are in the purchase cycle. You can leverage these insights to retarget users with relevant ads that reflect every stage of their journey.

That’s why the biggest retailers come to us when they need results

Sport Chek used a chatbot to guide users in the right direction


Back-to-school shopping is a key time for fashion retailers, so Sport Chek decided to engage shoppers with a friendly and informative shopping assistant that would make it easier to explore fall trends. They used the Contobox platform to build a chatbot into expandable digital display and outstream video, then targeted parents and Gen Z students across the open web. 

Once users engaged, the chatbot inquired in an unobtrusive way whether they were interested in male or female clothes, further breaking down items by category. The ads were also outfitted with a lookbook and dynamic store locator to increase purchase intent.

19 seconds

Average time spent in the display ad unit.

35 seconds

Average time spent in the video ad unit.


CTR based on users who engaged with the Chatbot.


Increase in time on site compared to average visitor.

Ernest put their boutique shopping experience in a display ad

Ernest has been helping men look their best for over 60 years. To engage dapper men, ages 35 to 55, they created an immersive shopping experience directly in display ads, which they ran programmatically across business, finance, men’s lifestyle, sports and technology verticals. 

The expandable display opened on a video outfitted with hotspots, which allowed users to explore specific items and their prices. They could then go directly to the item’s purchase page or continue the video—each user controlled their experience. The unit also featured a gallery with informational hotspots, a lookbook, and a store locator for users interested in buying in stores. The cost-per-engagement pricing model ensured Ernest only paid for 100% viewable engagements, which helped them exceed industry standard and previous campaigns by a long shot.


Higher engagement rate than rich media standard.


Higher CTR over standard display benchmarks.


More website traffic than previous campaigns.

A large retailer took more control of their campaigns 


A large retailer had little control over their digital campaigns, and their complex tech stack made it costly and time-consuming to produce static display that wasn’t generating results. They integrated Contobox into their tech stack and empowered their in-house team to traffic their own creative, so they could bring their programmatic ad-buying in house. 

They integrated their eCommerce API into Contobox’s platform for real-time access to product inventory and pricing, which enabled them to dynamically serve creative variations based on a user’s location and interests, so they could collect first-party engagement data for more precise retargeting and lookalike audiences. The platform also allowed them to work from established templates, so they could execute campaigns end-to-end in less than a week.

Campaigns launched in a single season.


Types of creative used to meet business objectives.

Increase in ROAS year over year. 


Increase over Neilsen’s ROAS benchmark in retail and CPG categories. 


Our platform caters to every industry


Our flexible ad formats, interactive features, deep consumer insights, and advanced retargeting benefit brands in auto, CPG, travel, finance, and more:


Auto marketers can drive their audience in the right direction, no matter which stage of the customer journey they’re in.


Everyday brands can develop richer, more relevant ad experiences to help them stand out from the crowd.


Travel and tourism brands can create engaging ad experiences that live on in their audience’s memory. 


Financial institutions can engage their audience in ways that show the true value of their products and services.

Become the next success story.


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