Put your data
to work

Data is only good if you know how to use it—and that doesn’t mean chasing your audience around the internet with annoying ads they’ve seen a million times before.

Consumers are tired of repetitive and intrusive ads

But with the right strategy, retargeting can be good for everyone.

Personalized consumer journeys.
More memorable moments for users.
Increased conversions at every stage of the funnel.

Give your audience what they want


We’ll help you get to know who’s behind the numbers, so you can be sure you’re reaching the right users with the right offer at the right time. Here’s how we do it:


We utilize data lookback to capture every user interaction. 


Identify and rank user interest in specific products, features, pricing, or other content.


Use machine learning to segment your most engaged users based on these interests and demographics, validated with third-party data. 


Apply that same technology to develop lookalike models, so you can reach new, high-value audiences and begin to build relationships with them. 


Utilize our platform’s dynamic creative capabilities to retarget your most engaged users with optimized creative geared to specific interests and demographics.

Retargeting strategies
you can trust


Our ability to rank consumer interest in specific products and services allows us to rule out unengaged users or accidental clicks, so you don’t waste your ad spend showing users products they don’t care about.

The difference engagement data makes


Consider a user browsing for a new jacket: They accidentally click on the wrong product and spend less than a second on the page. They later find a jacket they’re interested in, so they scroll through the photo gallery and select their size before abandoning the page.

Standard retargeting 


Standard practices add users to retargeting segments on page load, which means both products would be added to the segment and compete for top bid, retargeting the user with just as many irrelevant—and ultimately ineffective—ads.

Contobox retargeting


Our platform would rank the first jacket as low-interest and exclude it from your retargeting segment, so you can be sure you’re only showing relevant products to engaged users likely to convert. 

More insights equals more effective retargeting


You can combine the first-party Contobox data captured by your ad units with additional online and offline data based on users’ website visits and previous purchases to dynamically serve the most relevant experience possible.

Start building better

Fight ad fatigue with advanced strategies


You’ll see the best results if your retargeting strategies evolve alongside your customer's buying journey. Utilize our platform’s machine learning and dynamic creative capabilities to create personal ad experiences that help nurture prospects down the funnel.

  • Suggest products similar to what consumers have purchased.

  • Offer complimentary products based on users’ interests.

  • Use AI to predict items customers are interested in.

  • Offer discounts to users who didn’t convert.

  • Detect a user’s location to show localized pricing, flyers and store info.


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