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Your store curated for each customer

Anywhere on the web
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Browse and add directly to cart
in the ad

Turn any omni-channel format into a shoppable experience, by displaying multiple products in an interactive carousel. Connect directly to your eCommerce API for up-to-date inventory or let shoppers choose from various 3rd party retailers. 


Target those who care. Weed out those who don’t.

Contobox targets people who have shown quality interest in your products. So, impressions are never wasted on someone who accidentally clicked a product, or dismissed it right away. Instead, we use metrics such as Time Spent and Engagement to determine the interest level of each viewer and show your products to shoppers who have true purchase intent.


Bring visitors back with products they'll love

Sometimes potential customers just need a reminder why they were on your site. Boost your ROAS by recommending products that'll catch their eye using interest and intent data.


Find new customers

Introduce your products to users who follow similar patterns as your loyal customers. Collect interest, intent and purchasing data from your current customers in our CDP and show people online which products of yours they're most likely to buy.


Keep your ads relevant

Automatically assemble creative components based on  a variety of data triggers in the Contobox CDP. Reach every shopper with personalized creative that reflects who they are, what they’re interested in, and where they are in the customer journey.

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