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Back-to-school shopping season is an important time of year for fashion retailers. Deloitte estimates that 55% of parents’ back-to-school spend goes towards clothing each year. According to a survey by The Harris Poll, internet users are most interested in commercial chatbots for recommendations from retail stores. With this in mind, Canada’s largest sports retailer, Sport Chek, saw an opportunity to engage back-to-school shoppers with a shopping assistant chatbot to make exploring fall looks easier.

Sport Chek partnered with Contobox to deliver their shopping assistant chatbot to both parents and Gen Z students using expandable digital display and out-stream video. Fitted with the friendly and informative chatbot AI shopping assistant, users’ quickly found items from the Sport Chek video. Upon expansion, the chatbot would inquire in an unobtrusive way whether the user was interested in male or female clothes, further breaking down item categories between footwear, tops, pants, shorts, and accessories.

The chatbot’s results speak volumes, as over half of users who engaged with Sport Chek’s ad units interacted with the chatbot. The campaign’s video portion engaged consumers with a benchmark-beating interaction rate 4x higher than industry average.

As consumers interacted with the video the 15 second spot paused producing bonus engagement time over the video’s length, resulting in an astounding 35 seconds spent on average with Sport Chek’s video – 133% more time spent than the video’s length.

The display portion drove time spent 3x higher than industry average, with 41% of users who engaged with the interactive video clicking-through to the Sport Chek site.

Ultimately the Sport Chek chatbot connected with users building consideration for back-to-school items and driving users to spend 24% more time on the Sport Chek site than the campaign’s average time on site and 42% higher than the time on site goal.


AVG time spent in Contobox display unit.  


AVG time spent in Contobox video unit


Of users that engaged with the Contobox video, interacted with the chatbot


Of users that engaged with the Contobox video clicked through to SportChek site


Higher time spent on site clicking through Contobox than average time on site

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