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Subway MyWay

Online Advertising Creativity
Best Mobile Campaign

Subway was built on offering flexibility and choice. So when they asked their customers what they wanted from a loyalty program, during a time when brands are catering to individuals more than ever, the answer was obvious: Flexible ways to earn and redeem rewards, a surprise or two, and a completely personalized experience. 

Subway responded by building a loyalty program that offered just that. But they faced a challenge: People’s wallets are already stuffed with loyalty cards, their inboxes are inundated with special offers, and their phone storage is maxed out. 

How could they convince consumers to download their app and join the program anyway? Capture consumers’ attention, communicate the program’s unique benefits, and give them a simple way to sign up.

To do this, they partnered with an engagement platform to design and develop gamified mobile ads, which were brought to life across mobile apps and the open web. Like any well-designed mobile game, the ads engaged users with hit after hit of reward, and Subway capitalized on this with a post-game call-to-action that prompted users to learn more in a secondary tab, which featured a promotional video and image carousel highlighting the program’s benefits.

Engaging consumers with a mobile game had big rewards: The campaign exceeded its targets and key industry benchmarks, resulting in an overall engagement rate 10 percent higher than industry standard in the mobile food and beverage category. But Subway didn’t just provide their audience with a few seconds of fun. The game successfully drove users to the secondary “learn” tab, where 41% of viewers watched the video to completion, and based on the campaign’s final click-through rate, they liked what they saw: 4.25% of users hit download, resulting in a conversion rate 300% higher than the Google Display Network Conversion benchmark. 



higher conversion rate than industry benchmarks



of users who started the video viewed to completion



higher Unique Engagement Rate than Google benchmark

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