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Home Depot

Today’s consumer has more choice than ever, and they’re not afraid to switch between brands to find experiences that match their expectations. If retailers want to compete in this crowded marketplace, they need to understand—and even anticipate—shoppers’ needs. In the height of winter, Canadian shoppers need gear that will help them deal with freezing temperatures, snow, and ice.


From shovels to fire starters, The Home Depot carries everything Canadians need to manage inclement weather and get cozy inside. But the team knew it was critical for people to have these products before the weather got out of hand. If they wanted to stand out, they needed a reliable data source for their digital campaign that could predict the weather, so they could serve the most relevant products, at exactly the right time.


With this in mind, they made some innovative updates to their 2020 display campaign for a first-to-market execution in programmatic advertising. The home improvement retailer partnered with an Engagement Management Platform to integrate their eCommerce inventory and The Weather Network API into their display ads. A programmatic first to market. Combined with powerful automation and decisioning, theplatform triggered weather-specific creative with related in-stock products up to three days before a major snow, ice rain or severe cold events.

The dynamic, data-powered display ads included an animated teaser featuring light snow or rain, depending on the user’s local weather conditions, to help grab people’s attention. When they clicked on the personalized ad, or hovered over it for more than five seconds, it revealed a warning that snow or freezing rain was in the forecast alongside a gallery of shoppable products, details, and real-time pricing, so users could browse for what they needed without leaving the ad.

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increase in user interactions


reduction in cost-per-acquisition


increase in return on
ad spend

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