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Only Retargeting People With “True Intent”


The Home Depot has successfully relied on flyers to attract audiences to their stores for decades, but flyers don’t give insights into where customers are in their buying journey, nor what products they’re interested in. It was clear to them they needed to transform their legacy marketing tactics to improve their customer’s experience by adapting precisely to unique audience’s interests and intent, to move customers down the purchase funnel.

+23 seconds in-ad
+ 45% sales increase leading to 6 X ROAS YOY
+ 200% increased product clicks in-ad

True Intent retargeting in action

The Contobox partnership has been instrumental in completely rethinking and revising the programmatic strategy of Home Depot Canada.”  


Sn. Manager, Digital Marketing 

The Home Depot Canada

How it works in detail

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This 8-step guide can help you find the perfect retargeting partner

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Find out how True Intent stacks up against standard retargeting

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Learn how this retailer used True Intent to increase Return on Ad Spend

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