Give them
what they want


of consumers are more likely to shop from brands that provide personalization

Standard Retargeting

  • Pools any and all audiences regardless of accidental clicks or interest level for retargeting. 

  • Site placement and frequency are chosen to drive a large volume of clicks (spray and pray approach). 

  • This results in ads appearing in multiple slots on the same page, and often on sites that wouldn’t make any advertiser whitelist.

True Intent Retargeting


  • Helps brands and marketers track, score and easily segment visitors into high, medium and low interest audiences for retargeting. 

  • We work with you to develop custom scoring and decision trees. 

  • Use your own tech stack to run your media letting you maximize your spend with full control and transparency. 

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Score and rank audiences from your site to provide them what they want most when they’re ready to buy. 

Use your site data to your advantage


Track visitor intent and interest in your products and use your website’s data to target those high value audiences and keep them coming back. 

Better Creative


Ideal customers require the ideal message, personalize creative to each person based on interest with simple product-specific API integrations 

Control your
audience data


Relying on a black box retargeting solution to use your data for you can result in spending on audiences that don’t convert. Control your business logic, and audience data to market smarter. 

They enabled us to become a lot smarter and more targeted in our advertising approach.


They helped us measure interest and intent, giving us deeper insight into our audience than ever before. This enabled us to confidently retarget engaged audiences by serving them creative sets speaking to their demonstrated interests.


Activating on the first-party data collected helped us surpass benchmarks. Plus, the service their team provided along the way made it feel easy.” 


Sr. Mgr Channel Marketing, GAF 

Here’s how it works

  • Place our True Intent tags implemented on your site, immediately organizing and categorizing audiences by interest level.

  • Combine our bespoke data-driven creative templates with your eCommerce API or product feed to deliver thousands of unique creative to exactly the right audience. 

  • Keep your audience data, use it anywhere on the web, learn from audiences that convert and increase your return on ad spend. 

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