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Retargeting you can rely on

Advertisers waste between 20 and 75 percent of their retargeting budgets delivering repetitive and irrelevant ads — but we’re changing that. True Intent Retargeting combines in-depth audience data, custom scoring, and dynamic creative, so advertisers can retarget audiences with greater precision and increase ROAS.

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We use powerful automation to drive results

Our platform and agile team make it easy to build advanced retargeting strategies, so you can reach your goals with confidence. Here’s how we do it:

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We provide your team with a unique tracking code that records how each user engages with products and features on your website.

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Our teams work together to develop a custom audience scoring model and decision tree that aligns with your business objectives.

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Our platform automatically scores audience interest in products, features, or other content based on the engagement data collected from your site.


Machine learning organizes your audience into high, medium, and low-interest segments.

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Creative development is automated with dynamic, data-powered templates that allow you to reach customers with personalized ads that reflect their interest.

Gain more insight into audience interest and intent


Standard practices add users to retargeting pools on page load, providing little insight into audience interest or intent. True Intent Retargeting offers a flexible, all-in-one strategy for a deeper understanding of each user, so you can target your most profitable audiences.

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Consider a customer browsing for a new jacket: 

The customer accidentally clicks on the wrong jacket and spends less than a second on the page. They later find a jacket they’re interested in, so they scroll through the photo gallery and select their size before abandoning the page.

Standard retargeting 


Both products would be added to the segment and compete for top bid, blowing through the advertiser’s retargeting budget and delivering as many ads for the first jacket as the second.

True Intent Retargeting


The first jacket would be ranked as low-interest and placed in a separate retargeting segment, so the advertiser can shift spending to high-interest users and feel confident they’re showing the right product. 

The difference audience scoring makes

An eCommerce retailer looking to increase ROI partnered with Contobox for an always-on retargeting campaign. With our intent tracking technology they created low, medium and high-interest groups, and optimized their media spend accordingly. Users who scored as high-interest resulted in an ROAS 7.5X higher than those who scored as low-interest.


Low-intent ROAS


Medium-intent ROAS


High-intent ROAS

Retarget customers with ads that reflect their journey

You’ll see the best results if your retargeting strategies evolve alongside your customer's buying journey. With our platform’s dynamic creative capabilities and decision tree, you can build personalized creative that increases conversions at every stage.

Connect your eCommerce API for hyper-relevant creative

Integrate your product feed or eCommerce API into our platform to retarget users with the most up-to-date inventory, pricing, and product information based on location.

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Boost retargeting revenue with Shoppable Ads

Utilize interactive features that help transform your ads into an extension of your website, so high-interest users can become customers in seconds. 

Take control of your retargeting campaigns

This isn’t another “black box” retargeting solution. We’ll provide your team with tags and optimization suggestions, so you can deliver ads from the platform of your choice, understand what’s working, and see how your budget is being spent. 

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Don’t waste another dollar on standard retargeting.

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