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Contobox™ Launches 'Creative That Converts', The Definitive Guide to Developing Shoppable Ads

Following the launch last year of Contobox™’s exclusive shoppable ad format, the interactive advertising platform has launched a guide to Shoppable Ads called Creative That Converts. The guide aims to help advertisers navigate a world of new ad units from social to video to display ads that seek to shorten the path to purchase.

For advertisers, the shift to online shopping has unlocked a burgeoning world of creative ways to reach a more constantly connected audience, with shoppable ads at the forefront. In the past year or so, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of platforms touting some form of “shoppable” ad that allows users to easily browse products and make purchases from within the unit.

Creative That Converts gives readers:

  • A history of all currently available shoppable platforms

  • A look at what exactly makes an ad shoppable

  • A breakdown of the consumer trends fueling the format

  • And best practices for using the format effectively

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