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Why Contobox?

Because engagement matters.

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Engagement is attention 


Time spent has the highest correlation with conversion.

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Engagement influences 


Engaged users are 70% more likely to visit a brand’s site.

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Engagement builds trust


Engaged users are 72% more likely to share brand messages. 

And we make engaging audiences easy.


An all-in-one platform with end-to-end support


Our Engagement Management Platform (EMP) provides brands with one central place to plan, develop, launch, serve and analyze interactive digital display and video campaigns.

High-impact digital display

We offer interactive digital display in multiple formats, which can be run programmatically across desktop, tablet, and mobile for maximum impact and scale. 

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Fully interactive video

Our video is just as versatile—you can integrate any feature imaginable into our instream or outstream video, available programmatically or direct, on any device. 

Features that capture attention and insights

With features like informational hotspots, chatbots, and games, you can cut through the clutter, capture your audience’s attention, and surpass campaign targets.

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Tools for a full-funnel strategy


Our flexible formats and features, in-depth insights, and advanced retargeting will give you the tools to successfully connect with users at every stage of the customer journey.

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A better picture of 
your audience  


Each feature is built with unique tracking technologies, giving you access to fresh, first-party data to enhance your existing database and give you a fuller picture of who you’re talking to.

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Retargeting you 
can rely on


With in-depth data, audience scoring and dynamic creative, it’s easy to retarget engaged users based on interest, or create lookalike models to find new, high-value audiences.

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That’s why the world’s most trusted brands use Contobox

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Don't miss out. 

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