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New role to provide clients with greater access to backend technical expertise

(Montreal, QC) May 25, 2022 - Today the Contobox team is proud to announce the creation of a new role, and the appointment of Ruslan Potokin to the position of Director of Engineering.

Ruslan’s list of accomplishments began as a Senior Backend Developer, migrating legacy application languages as the platform grew to accommodate growing client demand. This led to his promotion to Contobox’s Backend Development Manager, where he led the team to update and translate modules delivering the Contobox platform a 20x reduction in the latency of rendered client campaigns. The team’s most recent success, saw the development of the platform’s True Intent technology, allowing clients to deliver in-ad product recommendations in milliseconds, based on interest level in specific products and digital assets.

As Backend Development Manager, Ruslan’s approach to leadership focused on 1:1 relationships. While each member’s skill development was important, fostering a culture of trust and work / life balance was critical. This made the difference for the team and company over 2 years of pandemic lockdowns and uncertainty.

“Ruslan’s career with us has been built on a keen eye for team development and cutting-edge backend languages and processes,” said Farrukh Gaffarov, CEO. “His hands-on work with the platform and approach to team-building have become the foundation for delivering client results.”

“I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to work on some challenging and very rewarding projects with the team,” said Ruslan Potokin, Director of Engineering. “And, I’m incredibly proud of the chance to grow with them and see them grow as developers. I’m excited to work with them as we build out the True Intent technology to accommodate more complex client requests from different industries.”

Ruslan’s new role will see him providing clients with the level of direct technical expertise that translates advertiser needs into campaign successes.


About Contobox

Contobox™ is a leader in eCommerce technology. Brands use the Contobox platform to reach shoppers with convenient, personalized recommendations and messaging that drives sales, across any format or device. Contobox delivers performance with engagement based shopper intelligence, predictive product recommendation, and data driven enhanced creative.

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