Take your campaign to new places

If you want to compel someone to book a flight, hotel, or experience in another part of the world, you need to build bold, beautiful creative that doesn’t just leave potential travelers feeling inspired and compelled to explore—it should also encourage them to act on those impulses. Contobox has helped countless brands do just that. 

We make it easy for every travel brand to meet their objectives

Give travelers a sense of place


Elevate your ad experience with interactive features like games, gift guides, recipe generators, or quizzes to stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Highlight multiple activities at once


It can be tough to tell your destination’s story with a single activity. Give travelers the opportunity to consider what an entire week could be like, with a built-in event calendar or activity finder. 

Interact with users like a travel agent


Build a chatbot into your ads to give your audience the support they’d expect from a travel agent. When they select the activity they’re looking for, they’ll automatically be served a selection of options.

Make it easier for them to book


Make it easy for your audience to book when they’re most engaged and inspired. Users can search for specific hotels and pricing, or compare deals directly within your ad.

Some of our most popular features were built with travel brands in mind


We build hundreds of travel campaigns each year, and help brands collect data on each one, so we know what it takes to achieve record-breaking ROAS. Integrate one of these tried-and-tested features into your ads, browse the 30-plus options available in our platform’s marketplace, or work with the Contobox team to develop something completely custom. 

Travel agent
Hotel search
Booking plugin
Activity finder
Destination promotion 

Every interaction provides insight into the customer journey


All of our features are built with unique tracking technologies to give you a better picture of your audience, what they’re interested in, and where they are in the purchase cycle. You can leverage these insights to retarget users with relevant ads that reflect every stage of their journey.

That’s why major auto brands come to us when they need results

Air Canada and Tourism Australia put a piece of Queensland in their audience’s hands


Air Canada wanted to highlight their new non-stop flight to Queensland, so they teamed up with Tourism Australia to leverage their 360º video, capturing the imaginations of leisure travellers 45-plus with an immersive tour of the city. But to reach as many potential travelers as possible, they needed to leverage the video outside the two main 360º video players. 

With Contobox, they were able to integrate the video into expandable display, resulting in an award-winning first-to-market execution that allowed users to explore all angles of the Skypoint Gold Coast, dive into Vlasoff Cay, swim through the Great Barrier Reef, soar over Whitehaven Beach, or go for a sunset surf along the Gold coast—all from their mobile devices. The ad unit also featured a 2D promo video and photo galleries to help increase consideration. 


Higher CTR than the industry average.


Higher time-spent than the industry average.


Higher time spent on mobile than the industry average.

Our platform caters to every industry


Our flexible ad formats, interactive features, deep consumer insights, and advanced retargeting benefit brands in auto, CPG, travel, finance, and more:


Auto marketers can drive their audience in the right direction, no matter which stage of the customer journey they’re in.


The world’s biggest retailers can make products easier to browse, test, and buy online or in stores.


Everyday brands can develop richer, more relevant ad experiences to help them stand out from the crowd.


Financial institutions can engage their audience in ways that show the true value of their products and services.

Become the next success story.


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